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Surviving Divorce: Dr. David Sbarra
TEDx Talks
David A. Sbarra, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona where he serves as Director of Clinical Training. David's TEDx talk describes his latest research on divorce and healing in the aftermath of marital separation. Nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce, and David's research is illuminating new ways to promote recovery after this stressful life event.

Sesame Street: Little Children, Big Challenges - "What is Divorce?"
Sesame Street
Gordon and Abby explain divorce to Rosita and Elmo.

The impact of divorce on children
TEDx Talks
Tamara Afifi is a Professor in the Department of Communication at UCSB. Most of her research focuses on how family members cope communicatively with various challenges they face. When examining her research program, two primary themes emerge: (1) information regulation (privacy, secrets, disclosure, avoidance) in parent-child and dating relationships, and (2) communication processes related to uncertainty, loss, stress and coping in families, with particular emphasis on post-divorce families.

Helping Children with Divorce
Effective Child Therapy Resource Library
Dr. Robert Emery discusses the best practices to help transition children in families dealing with divorce.