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Even for Preschoolers, Healthier Hearts May Mean Healthier Brains - 2021-02-23
"The study revealed that 4- to 6-year-olds who could walk farther during a timed test also scored higher on tests of thinking abilities and other measures of brain function." More

Teachers Main Drivers of School COVID Outbreaks, So Vaccinations Needed: Study - 2021-02-22
"In the wake of U.S. recommendations to re-open schools, a new government report indicates that teachers may be key spreaders of COVID-19 in schools and should be vaccinated against the coronavirus." More

Short Course of Psychotherapy Can Help Ease Panic Disorder - 2021-02-22
"New research offers up hopeful news for the millions of people struggling with panic disorder. Two relatively brief types of psychotherapy can help alleviate the often-debilitating symptoms of this anxiety disorder." More

Tips to Keep Young Athletes Injury-Free - 2021-02-21
"Today's young athletes push themselves harder than ever before, which raises their odds for injury, experts say." More

Many Psych Meds Trigger Weight Gain, But New Research Points to Better Options - 2021-02-19
"Scientists may have uncovered the reason critical medications for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder cause weight gain and diabetes - findings they hope will lead to better drugs." More

Lockdowns Are Leaving Kids With ADHD in Crisis - 2021-02-19
"In a study published online Feb. 14 in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, Sibley and others looked at a group of 134 adolescents and young adults, and found they reported problems with social isolation, difficulties engaging in online learning, motivation issues and boredom that increased during the pandemic." More

Panic Attack or Heart Attack? Here's How to Tell the Difference - 2021-02-19
"A heart attack and a panic attack share many similar symptoms, so it's crucial to determine which one it is, experts say." More

Drinking Too Much During the Pandemic? You're Not Alone - 2021-02-19
"The stress of the pandemic could be prompting some people to turn to he bottle more often, researchers warn." More

Mental Illness in Childhood Could Mean Worse Physical Health Decades Later - 2021-02-18
"As if suffering from a mental illness as a child isn't tough enough, new research suggests it could predict higher odds for physical ills in later life." More

Kids' Robust Immune Systems May Shield Them From COVID-19: Study - 2021-02-18
"In the study, children's immune systems attacked the new coronavirus faster and more aggressively than adults' immune systems did, the findings showed." More

Spotting an Eating Disorder in Your College-Age Child - 2021-02-18
"When your child enters college, the last thing you may be worried about is an eating disorder, but one expert says there are warning signs that parents shouldn't miss." More

Fertility Treatments Might Affect Kids' Growth, But Not for Long - 2021-02-18
"The growth patterns of kids born through fertility treatment differ initially from those conceived naturally, but those growth rates do catch up over time, a new study finds." More

Mom's Heart Health While Pregnant Could Influence Her Child's Health for Years - 2021-02-17
"In a finding that suggests heart health starts in the womb, a new study shows that the state of a woman's heart during pregnancy may predict her kids' health by the time they reach adolescence." More

Pandemic Has Affected Kids' Dental Health: Poll - 2021-02-17
"A new, nationwide poll found the pandemic has made it harder for parents to get their kids regular dental care. But on the other hand, many say their youngsters are now taking better care of their teeth." More

Child Bullies at Higher Odds for Substance Abuse as Adults: Study - 2021-02-17
"Bullies may be more likely to abuse drugs, alcohol and tobacco later in life, and this risk is greater for childhood bullies than those who picked on others during their adolescent years, the study found." More

619 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)