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Kids Much Less Prone to Coronavirus Infection Than Adults: Study - 2020-09-25
"Combined data from 32 studies from around the world suggest that children under the age of 10 are much less likely to become infected with SARS-CoV-2 compared with adults, given the same daily contacts." More

Immune System Clues to Why COVID Is Easier on Kids - 2020-09-25
"Kids and adults have different immune system responses to infection with the new coronavirus, which may help explain why severe COVID-19 is more common in adults, researchers report." More

Is Shock Therapy Making a Comeback Against Bipolar Disorder? - 2020-09-25
"New research out of Italy suggests that reputation may be unwarranted. Investigators found that among bipolar patients who fail to respond to standard treatments, ECT can be a lifesaver, preventing out-of-control mood swings and dramatically lowering suicide risk." More

Parent's Skin-to-Skin Hug Does Ease a Baby's Pain, Brain Study Suggests - 2020-09-24
"Infants may feel less pain when held by a parent with skin-to-skin contact, a new U.K. study suggests." More

FDA Warns of Danger From 'Benadryl Challenge,' Asks TikTok to Remove Videos - 2020-09-24
"Parents and other caregivers need to be more aware of the potentially lethal "Benadryl Challenge" circulating on social media, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Thursday." More

After COVID-19 Exposure, When Can Young Athletes Resume Play? - 2020-09-24
"Young athletes who've had moderate COVID-19 symptoms should be symptom-free for 14 days and get their doctor's OK before returning to practices or games, according to a leading group of U.S. pediatricians." More

Kids Who Need Steroids Face Risk of Diabetes, Other Ills - 2020-09-24
"Children who need to take oral steroids for chronic or life-threatening conditions can experience serious side effects, according to new research." More

FDA Adds Abuse Warning to Labels for Xanax, Valium - 2020-09-24
"Reacting to an upsurge in abuse of benzodiazepine sedatives such as Valium, Xanax and Ativan, U.S. officials on Wednesday added a "Boxed Warning" to the drugs' labels, cautioning about the danger." More

Severe Mental Illnesses Often Overlooked at Hospital Admission: Study - 2020-09-23
"Severe mental illness diagnoses often get missed in patients hospitalized for physical health problems, according to a new study." More

AHA News: How to Protect Yourself From the Stress of Politics - 2020-09-23
"We interrupt your latest binge of breaking political news, fear-provoking campaign commercials and angry posts from your favorite pundit to report that politics can be stressful." More

Mom-to-Be's Pot Use Linked With Higher Odds for Kids' Mental Woes - 2020-09-23
"Expectant mothers who smoke pot in pregnancy could increase their baby's risk for mental or emotional problems later in childhood, a new study finds." More

Kids Often Hit Hard by Death of Beloved Pet, Study Finds - 2020-09-23
"The loss of a pet may be a child's first encounter with death, and new research suggests no one should underestimate the psychological trauma that the loss can bring." More

Baby's Heart Rate Reflects Mom's Mental Health - 2020-09-22
"Babies of mothers with anxiety or depression can have significantly higher heart rates than normal, a new study finds." More

Sleep Builds the Brain in the Early Years, Then Maintains It - 2020-09-22
"For the very young, sleep builds and strengthens the brain, but it quickly switches to maintenance and repair before a child turns 3, new research shows." More

Holidays Can Be a Fright for Kids With Food Allergies - 2020-09-21
"Parents of kids with food allergies probably won't be surprised to hear that Halloween is an especially risky time for their youngsters." More

664 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)