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AHA News: Need a Break? A Vacation Really Can Be Good for You -- If It's Done Right - 2019-05-22
"Need another reason to take that vacation? It's probably good for your heart and mind." More

Kids of Opioid-Using Parents May Be More Likely to Attempt Suicide - 2019-05-22
"Children of parents who use opioids have more than double the risk of attempted suicide, a new study finds." More

Where's the Best Place for Your Child's Sports Physical Exam? - 2019-05-21
"Student athletes usually need a sports physical. And the best place for that exam is at their primary care doctor's office, according to updated guidelines from leading U.S. medical experts." More

Cholesterol Levels Improving Among U.S. Kids - 2019-05-21
"Despite an epidemic of childhood obesity, the cholesterol levels of American kids have been improving over the past 20 years, a new study shows." More

Earlier Bedtimes Help Kids Fight Obesity - 2019-05-21
"Beyond diet, a lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain both in adults and children, so it's important that kids get enough shuteye, even with their -- and your -- busy schedules." More

Could CBD Treat Opioid Addiction? - 2019-05-21
"The researchers found that, compared to a placebo, CBD reduced drug cue-induced craving and anxiety in the participants." More

AHA News: Stress From Work, Home Can Harm Women's Hearts - 2019-05-20
"All that stress could put women at higher risk than men for having a stroke or developing diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions, according to a growing number of studies." More

TV Not a Good Sleep Aid for Young Kids - 2019-05-20
"Many parents think that watching TV helps their young children fall asleep, but new research finds the opposite is true." More

Putting Your Child to Sleep in a Car Seat Can Be Deadly - 2019-05-20
"A car seat is the safest place for an infant while traveling in a car. But putting your baby to sleep in a portable car seat at home can be deadly, a new study warns." More

1 in 5 Kids Don't Strap on Helmets Before Biking - 2019-05-20
"Many American kids don't don helmets when biking, skateboarding and riding scooters, a troubling new poll finds." More

Crash Risk Much Higher for Teen Drivers With ADHD - 2019-05-20
"Parents often fret when their teen drivers get behind the wheel, but parents of teens with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may now have added worries." More

Swallowed Batteries Should Be Removed to Avoid Stomach Damage: Study - 2019-05-18
"Doctors might want to be more aggressive about treating children who swallow a button battery and appear to be out of danger, a preliminary study suggests." More

Suicides Increase Among U.S. Kids, But More in Girls Than Boys - 2019-05-17
"Suicide rates are on the rise among American children, but the increase is greatest among girls, a new study finds." More

Health Tip: Physical Milestones at Age One - 2019-05-17
"Clues about your child's physical development can be found in the way the child moves and plays, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." More

What to Do When Your Child Throws a Fit - 2019-05-17
"You know the scenario -- your child has a meltdown, leaving you frustrated, embarrassed and arguing even though your brain says it's a battle you're not likely to win." More

750 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)