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More U.S. Teens, Kids Seeking Mental Health Care in ERs - 2019-03-18
"U.S. emergency departments are seeing a surge in the number of kids and teens seeking help for mental health problems, new research warns." More

Health Tip: Parenting Adopted Teens - 2019-03-18
"Teenagers often struggle with questions of identity. For adopted teens, the struggle may be harder than it is for their non-adopted peers." More

Exposing Baby to Foods Early May Help Prevent Allergies - 2019-03-18
"New parents worry about a lot of things, but the American Academy of Pediatrics says one thing they can cross off that list is concern about giving high-allergy foods too early in life." More

AHA News: Overweight Kids at Higher Risk for Blood Clots as Adults - 2019-03-15
"Overweight children may be more likely than normal-weight children to develop life-threatening blood clots as adults, a new Danish study suggests. The good news is, getting to a healthy weight by age 13 eliminated the extra risk." More

How to Keep Your Kids Safe From Cyberbullying - 2019-03-15
"No type of bullying is acceptable, but cyberbullying can be harder for parents to spot because it takes place via cellphone, computer or tablet, often through social media." More

How to Protect Your Kids From Drowning - 2019-03-15
"Drowning can be swift and silent, making it a leading cause of accidental death among children." More

Burden of Autism in Teens Weighs Heaviest on Minorities, Poor - 2019-03-15
"Autism exacts a heavy toll on the families of teens who struggle with the disorder, but the fight to get treatment and services is even harder among minorities who live in poverty, new research suggests." More

Fewer Boys Are Suffering Head Injuries, But Rate Rises for Girls - 2019-03-14
"There's good news and bad news from a new study of children visiting U.S. emergency departments for head injuries: The rate of these potentially serious events has fallen among boys, but risen for girls." More

Mental Health Woes Are Rising in Young Americans -- Is Social Media to Blame? - 2019-03-14
"Young Americans may be more vulnerable to depression, distress and suicidal thoughts or attempts than their parents' generation, and social media might be fueling that troubling trend." More

When Can Kids Return to Play After a Concussion? - 2019-03-13
"Though coaches and parents are more alert to the need for emergency attention after young athletes suffer a concussion, many may not realize how long symptoms and other effects can linger." More

ADHD Meds Safe With Epilepsy, Study Finds - 2019-03-12
"Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often occurs in people with epilepsy. Now, new research provides reassurance that taking ADHD medications won't raise their risk of seizures." More

One-Third of U.S. Kids Have Back Pain, Study Says - 2019-03-12
"As American kids pack on the pounds, the number of those with back pain is on the rise." More

Vets Who Get Opioids From VA, Medicare at Higher Overdose Risk - 2019-03-11
"Many military veterans can get prescription opioid painkillers from both the VA and Medicare, putting them at nearly triple the risk for an overdose, new research warns." More

Nutritional Supplements Don't Ward Off Depression: Study - 2019-03-11
"Taking vitamin pills and other supplements won't prevent depression, but promoting better eating habits might help, new research suggests." More

Smoking While Pregnant Sends SIDS Risk Soaring - 2019-03-11
"Smoking during pregnancy is never a good idea, but new research shows it might double the risk of a baby dying from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)." More

764 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)