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Obesity May Boost Odds for MS in Kids - 2019-07-16
"Obese children may be twice as likely to develop multiple sclerosis, a new study suggests." More

Health Tip: Diarrhea in Kids - 2019-07-16
"Diarrhea typically is not a sign of a serious illness in children, says KidsHealth." More

Too Much Social Media a Depression Risk for Teens - 2019-07-15
"Too much social media might be too much for the mental well-being of teenagers, new research suggests." More

The Happiness Dividend: Longer, Healthier Lives - 2019-07-15
"People happy with themselves and their well-being tend to live longer and healthier lives than those who are perpetually down in the dumps, British researchers report." More

Opioid Epidemic Doubled Number of U.S. Kids Sent to Foster Care - 2019-07-15
"The opioid epidemic appears to be literally tearing families apart." More

Swimming Lessons a Must for Everyone - 2019-07-14
""This is an essential life skill for children, teens and adults. It's an important part of the 'layers of protection' that families and communities can put in place to protect children and teens around water," Yasuda said in an AAP news release." More

Tongue, Lip Snip Surgeries May Be Overused in U.S. Newborns - 2019-07-11
"Too many American newborns may be undergoing unnecessary tongue and lip surgeries to improve their ability to breastfeed, a new study finds." More

Brain Injury Often a Devastating Side Effect of Domestic Violence - 2019-07-10
"Eighty-one percent of women who've suffered domestic abuse and sought help have suffered a head injury and 83% have been strangled, researchers discovered." More

How to Help When Your Child Weighs Too Much - 2019-07-10
"Seventeen percent of American children and teens are obese and a nearly equal number are overweight, and those who are taunted about their weight tend to gain even more in response, according to a study from the U.S. National Institutes of Health." More

Have Kids, Buy More Produce? - 2019-07-09
"Could having kids prompt you to eat healthier foods?" More

Zika's Damage Continues in Children Infected Before Birth - 2019-07-09
"New research shows that neurological damage for babies who were exposed to the Zika virus while in the womb continues to unfold years after birth." More

In a U.S. First, Baby Is Delivered From Womb Transplanted From Deceased Donor - 2019-07-09
"Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic announced that they've achieved a first in North America: delivering a baby from a uterus that had been transplanted from a deceased donor." More

CDC Warns of Start to 'Season' for Mysterious Paralyzing Illness in Kids - 2019-07-09
"The "season" for a polio-like illness that mainly strikes children is about to begin, so public health officials sent out an early warning to doctors on Tuesday." More

Parent Who Listens Can Help Kids Thrive Despite Trauma - 2019-07-09
"Heartfelt talks between parent and child are essential to help kids overcome tough times and do their best at school, a new study says." More

Keep Unused Meds Out of the Hands of Addicts - 2019-07-07
"As America grapples with an opioid epidemic, it has become even more important to dispose of your leftover prescription medications properly, one pharmacist says." More

760 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)