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Simple Treatments to Banish Winter Blues - 2019-01-15
"The gray days of winter bring many people down, but a few simple steps can pep you up, an expert says." More

Type 2 Diabetes Before 40 Tied to Mental Illness Hospitalizations - 2019-01-15
"People who develop type 2 diabetes before they turn 40 are twice as likely to be hospitalized for mental illness as those who develop the blood sugar disease after 40, a new study shows." More

Are Some Opioid Abusers Using Their Pets to Get the Drugs? - 2019-01-15
"Veterinarians are prescribing large quantities of opioids to pets, raising concern that some people might be using Fido or Snuggles to feed their addiction." More

Junk Food Ads Target Minority Kids: Study - 2019-01-15
"Nearly all TV food ads aimed at Hispanic and black children in the United States are for unhealthy products, a new report claims." More

Teen Birth Control Use Up, But Still Too Many Unwanted Pregnancies - 2019-01-15
"Today's teens are better at using birth control when they first become sexually active, but many unexpected pregnancies still occur, new research finds." More

1-800-662-HELP: Too Few Opioid Users Aware of Lifesaving Helpline - 2019-01-14
"Millions of Americans are living with drug addiction, but a free, national hotline that offers help is underused because most don't know about it, new research finds." More

Health Tip: Managing Your Family's Digital Life - 2019-01-14
"TVs and computers are part of everyday life, but the American Academy of Pediatrics urges caution about overuse of digital devices." More

Baby Steps Head Off a Fussy Eater - 2019-01-14
"Getting kids to try new foods can become a daily showdown. One promising approach: expose babies early on to varied tastes and textures." More

Gay Dads and Their Kids Still Face Social Shaming - 2019-01-14
"Two-thirds of gay fathers have felt the pain of social stigma, and they have encountered that stigma most often in religious settings, a new survey shows." More

Parents Often Unaware of Kids' Suicidal Thoughts - 2019-01-14
"When children are having suicidal thoughts, their parents may often be in the dark, a new study shows." More

Are TV Cereal Ads Making Your Kids Fat? - 2019-01-11
"Cereal TV ads aimed at young children put them at increased risk for obesity and cancer, researchers warn." More

Common Heart, Diabetes Meds May Help Ease Mental Illness - 2019-01-10
"A new study is raising the question of whether certain cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes drugs could help manage mental illnesses like schizophrenia." More

Millennials' Odds for Depression Rise With Social Media Use - 2019-01-10
"Millennials struggling with depression aren't being helped by their use of Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, a new study reports." More

Fiber: It's Not Just for Adults - 2019-01-10
"You know how important fiber is for overall health, making meals more filling and staying "regular." But did you know that children need their fair share of fiber, too?" More

Animal Study Suggests Ritalin Won't Harm the Heart - 2019-01-09
"Ritalin, a widely used stimulant drug to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), likely poses no risk of heart damage in children, new research in monkeys suggests." More

825 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)