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Learning Problems May Accompany Kidney Disease - 2018-02-23
"Chronic kidney disease may affect brain function in children and teens, especially those on dialysis, researchers say." More

Health Tip: Make Sure Babies Eat Right - 2018-02-23
"A baby's nutritional balance during the first 1,000 days of life is critical to lifelong mental health and development, the American Academy of Pediatrics says." More

Poorer Kids May Fare Worse After Heart Surgery - 2018-02-23
"Children who've had surgery to repair defective hearts are more likely to die or require longer hospitalizations if they live in poorer neighborhoods, a new study suggests." More

21 Reviewed Antidepressants Top Placebo for Major Depression - 2018-02-22
"For adults with major depressive disorder, all antidepressants are more efficacious than placebo, according to research published online Feb. 21 in The Lancet." More

Gut Microbiota May Affect Vertical Transmission of Being Overweight - 2018-02-22
"The correlation between maternal pre-pregnancy overweight and childhood overweight at ages 1 and 3 years may be mediated by birth mode and infant gut microbiota, according to a study published online Feb. 19 in JAMA Pediatrics." More

Xanax, Valium Looking Like America's Next Drug Crisis - 2018-02-22
"America is well aware of its opioid epidemic, but there's a hidden crisis brewing with prescription sedatives such as Xanax and Valium, a new review warns." More

Putting the Brakes on 'Emotional Eating' - 2018-02-22
"Many of us make choices about whether to eat healthy or not-so-healthy foods based on whether we're in a good or not-so-good mood." More

Antidepressants Do Work, Some Better Than Others: Study - 2018-02-22
"Antidepressant drugs actually do help ease depression, countering debate over whether the medications do what they're supposed to, a large research review has found." More

If the Eyes Don't Coordinate, Reading -- and Grades -- May Suffer - 2018-02-21
"For students, an undetected vision problem could be contributing to low grades, a new study suggests." More

Guns Still Found in Homes With Unstable Kids - 2018-02-21
"In the aftermath of last week's deadly shooting rampage at a Florida high school, a new survey shows that parents are loath to remove guns from their home even if their child might be mentally unstable." More

Home Routines Can Boost a Child's Readiness for School - 2018-02-21
"The first day of preschool is a milestone in a child's life. And parents can help prepare kids for this momentous occasion with everyday family routines that create a nurturing home environment." More

Mouse Study Another Step Toward 'Heroin Vaccine' - 2018-02-21
"Researchers say they are one step closer to testing a heroin vaccine in humans -- in what they hope will become an additional weapon in fighting America's opioid epidemic." More

Sibling Bullying Tied to Increased Odds of Psychotic Disorder - 2018-02-20
"Children involved in sibling bullying are at increased risk of developing a psychotic disorder, according to a study published online Feb. 12 in Psychological Medicine." More

Fatal Opioid ODs Drop for People Treated While Jailed - 2018-02-20
"An opioid addiction treatment program for Rhode Island prison inmates appears to have significantly reduced overdose deaths among those who are released, researchers say." More

Health Tip: Protect Baby from Whooping Cough - 2018-02-19
"Vaccination is the best way to prevent whooping cough, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says." More

1078 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)