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Huffington Center on Aging
Baylor College of Medicine
Improving the condition of older people through the programs of research, education, and training; to disseminate the knowledge gained by this research and apply it to the care of older people; and to increase the number of academic geriatricians and gerontologists.

National Ageing Research Institute
The University of Melbourne
The National Aging Research Institute was opened in June 1994 and is based on Australia. It previously had been known as the National Research Institute of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine. Current research projects, publications from the Institute, and Annual Reports can be found on this site. An inelaborate design.

The Aging Research Centre
Steven A. Garan
Provides a service allowing researchers in this field to find information that is related to the study of the aging process. They also endeavor to introduce this field to laymen who would like to know more about the research that is being conducted in this field. Layout of information all on one long page makes it somewhat difficult to read and find information.