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The National Academy on an Aging Society
The Gerontological Society of America
The National Academy on an Aging Society is Washington, DC based organization with a mission to promote innovative and responsible thinking on issues arising from the aging of our society. The site includes a large collections of publications and fact sheets on medical/mental health conditions, as well as health policy and advocacy topics, that are easy to understand and very helpful.

Helpguide provides excellent information and links focusing on mental health, aging well and elder care. was created to help people care for their aging parents and other loved ones. Their mission is to give readers the information and other resources they need to make better decisions, save time, and feel more supported. The website is divided into various sections including health, money and legal matters, home care, life, housing, to-do lists, local, ask and answer, and groups. The site contains a very large number of articles, resources, Q&As, and more in easy to read and understand language. Definitely worth checking out!

Safety Tips for Older Americans
Administration for Community Living
This 2-page PDF file provides tips for older Americans including items to talk to your healthcare provider about, managing medications, preventing falls, driving wisely, and preventing fires and burns. The tips are easy to understand, yet thorough and concrete with action steps to take in each area.

How to Understand and Influence Older Drivers
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
This 20-page PDF was published in July 2013 and covers how to talk to an older driver about driving safety and creating a plan of action and mobility plan for those that need to begin to cut back on driving. The information is thorough and offers many tips for dealing with this difficult subject.